Turn of the Screw, (2021)

Composed by Benjamin Britten, libretto by Myfanwy Piper. Produced by IlluminArts, in collaboration with and presented at Vizcaya Museum, Miami.

A reimagining of Britten’s classic opera, this live-cinema event used a live-camera person and three stationary cameras along with pre-recorded footage. Using a standard television studio set up these various streams were mixed live for an audience of 400 people. Due to Covid Restrictions, the audience was divided into three sections, one inside the museum and two outside. The outside audience watched the entire production on two 16’ x 19’ projection screens with a live sound mix from the inside orchestra.

Link to the filmed opening of Act II

Selected Press
-Sebastián Spreng, “Otra Vuelta de Tuerca’ y los Espectros de Vizcaya”, ArtBurst Miami

Peter Quint // Karim Sulayman
Governess // Christine Lyons
Mrs. Grose // Michelle Trainor
Miss Jessel // Katherine Pracht
Miles // Elijah McCormack
Flora // Jaye Simmons

Director, video designer // Laine Rettmer
Conductor // Joshua Gersen
Director of Photography, On-Stage cinematographer and video operator // Paulina Jurzec
Associate Director // Nick O'Leary
Projection designer // Stephen Decky