Abundance, 2020
Solo exhibition
AREA Gallery, Boston, MA

Abundance is the second in a series of three explorations that question the eroticization of sexual violence in Western classical art and mythology. This body of work assumes the Greek myth of Persephone and Demeter as a means to examine questions of power, visibility, reciprocal care, memory, and historical permanence. The exhibition is foregrounded with a single-channel video work set in sites of American post-prosperity: a grain terminal, an abandoned highway, a love hotel. The video re-tells the classical narrative of the Rape of Persephone, starting with Persephone’s escape from Hades, the underworld, and examining the subsequent time of healing with her mother, Demeter. The work meditates on the construction of archetype and interrogates the cyclical structures of trauma that are foundational to Western culture and art.